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Have you ever been asked how many outdoor activities you had the pleasure of personally experiencing? Well, if I was to ask you right now, what would your answer be? If you were still a kid you would begin by describing each one of them and you would probably try to classify them according to the different categories you would have in mind, like group or individual outdoor activities, sports or leisure time joys, etc. Contemporary individuals, rarely state their favorite outdoor activities and very frequently human resource professionals discover that the “Interests” section in personal resumes is excluded or is rather confined. This usually happens because many working individuals consider it to be rather unprofessional for someone to participate in a variety of outdoor activities! Don’t frown, you know what I mean. Having time to do a variety of non-work-related activities is a sign that you have a lot of free time! That consequently means that either you do not take your current job seriously–which might seem extremely negative for a prospective employer–or that you do not sleep enough to maintain or even improve your energy and efficiency levels and be able to perform your daily duties. This, in my opinion, is ridiculous!

silhouette-1479058_640Especially in the United States, a country that your extracurricular activities can become your ticket to enter to college or even the reason for someone to receive a higher educational degree, having to justify why you simply enjoy backpacking or kayaking seems absurd. Especially young people, who still have the time and energy to devote to the outdoor activities of their choice, are advised by professional recruitment offices or their working peers to keep their “Interests” list short. They are guided to exclude anything that would illustrate to a future employer that this person is willing to take risks, likes adventure, is always on the go, keeps his body and mind fit or is just curious to discover new ways of exploring life. Well, although I am not yet a career advisor, or your prospective employer, I would strongly suggest to all those looking to find the job of their dreams to state their accomplishments on this personal synopsis of their life on this piece of paper. It all depends on how well you are able to describe something, but I would disagree with those that support that you should exclude such information like the fact that you love climbing, since it might be considered as a risky outdoor activity, when applying for a job opportunity.

The fact that you are able to socialize, organize, supervise, manage, and lead, are only useful qualities for a potential employer’s ears. Use your outdoor activities wisely and mention them during the interview process! Describing something you enjoy doing in your free time and relating it to the specific position requirements, for which you are applying, can make all the difference in the world; as it distinguishes you from the rest of the pile and can make someone pay attention to what you have to say as it comes from your heart. Companies, non-profits, the government and all other type of organizations need today individuals that are able to fulfill their job obligations and add that extra value while in the process. Thus, next time you are about to be interviewed do not hesitate to promote yourself and describe your outdoor accomplishments. From winning the beach volleyball tournament to climbing mountain Everest, outdoor activities can help you reach the position of your dreams.

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